Thank you for your interest in B4L !

Currently we are extremely busy working on our first prototypes, and have very limited time to interact with the outside world.

Please read our complete FAQ, and the following quick Q&A  before contacting us :


Currently, NO.

The first batches will be allocated through a belgian federal task force. 

If you are a belgian hospital or care institution , please register your needs first here:

Additionally, you may register a mark of interest (and tell us a bit about your situation) below.

Currently, NO.  They will be made available when ready and secure / documented enough (early April)

We need some type of help. However we have already *too many* offers to help (and therefore DON’T NEED MORE HELP) on :


- Electronic design

- Machining

- ...

 We will post the answer here when we do identify unmet needs within the group

  We are focussed on Belgium only, until we’re sure that there is no lack of respirators in Belgium. We could possibly help foreign markets, but later (probably nothing until at least end of April). The design and the documentation will however be published as soon as we can

Do you need money/ I want to offer money? 

We have started accepting donations, through Fondation Louvain (tax-deductible in Belgium)  (French only)

If you still have questions, or offers of help, you may fill in our contact form :

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We will do our best to answer your request within 48 hours.