FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Why is this effort needed ? 

A : In an ideal world, this would not be needed. However, the spread and speed of the Covid-19 pandemia puts hospital systems under intense stress. One of the most need items are breathing ventilators. In many countries, engineers and industrialists are racing to provide inexpensive, quickly built, alternative solutions. 

Q : Is this ventilator currently available ?

A : (short answer) currently (March 26th), NO. 
Only a handful of prototypes exist, that are currently undergoing testing (medical, durability, security,...)

Q : Is this a "geek" "solution" ?

It is designed by a large distributed team of experienced engineers. 
Mostly, it is designed with constant contact with doctors, to ensure that it is in line with medical requirements, and clinical practice. 

Q : What is the quality of this solution ?

A : Compared to commercial equipment, this is obviously a second- or third- grade solution. 
However : it is designed with a rigorous process, in line with the best practices of the medical and aeronautical industries. And in a state of emergency, and lack of commercial equipment, it could save lives. 

Q : When will it be available ? 

A : It is quite hard to predict, dependant on clinical, regulatory, supply chain conditions.
However : small scale production (a dozen) could happen by week 14 (March 30th), a few dozens by week 15 (April 6th), and in hundred(s) by week 16 (April 13th).
Note that this is very dependant on many factors outside our scope, such as supply chain management, and assembly conditions made much more complex because of Covid-19 related safety measures. 


[more FAQ coming soon]